How To Win FieWin Game? (Trick)

Fiewin is one of the best online earning platforms for games. It is an engaging, fun, and easy way to make money while playing games.

Fiewin offers a variety of games through its platform, with each game having different rules and strategies. With the right approach, knowledge, and skills, you can easily win Fiewin games.

How To Win Fiewin Game
How To Win Fiewin Game?

Well, till now, if you are losing your Fiewin games and money invested, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss how to win Fiewin game in detail, with the strategies and steps you should take to increase your success rate.

How To Win Fiewin Game?

First of all, you should know that no trick will guarantee you a win every time. To win Fiewin game, you need to understand the basics and principles of how games are played and then decide what works best for you.

However, once you know the right technique, you can increase your chances of winning Fiewin App games.

Here we’ve shared some of our own techniques that definitely help you increase your chances of winning. Also, it will guide you on how to make your own strategy to win Fiewin game.

There are different games on the Fiewin platform, and you should choose those games which give you a better chance of winning.

We found techniques for the two most popular games with the best odds of winning. These games are:

  • Color Pick
  • Minesweeper

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1. Color Pick Trick

Fast Parity
Fast Parity

This is one of the best and simple games on the Fiewin app. It is all about color prediction, and there are still certain tactics that you can use to increase your chance of winning this game.

You should look for patterns in the history of color picks and try to find similarities. If you observe a pattern or sequence, you can bet on the same.

Well, to identify the pattern, you should play multiple rounds with a low budget and observe the color picks in each round. Then, you will be able to identify a certain sequence after some time.

For example, if you observe red, green, red, green, and then again red. You can place your bet in red in the next round. The chances of your win will be higher if you use this tactic in Color Pick.

Similarly, if you observe three times red, then three times green, you can bet on red in the next round.

This way, you can make your own strategy and increase your chances of winning this game. Also, note that sometimes this tactic fails, but stick to it, and you will eventually see good results.

2. Minesweeper Trick


In this game, you’ve to predict the 6 boxes which don’t have a bomb in them. You’ll get a square box with one randomly located bomb inside.

Your aim should be to find boxes with no bombs in them.

Well, this game might look all about luck, but creating certain strategies and using the right tactics can help you win this game.

All you’ve to do is invest a small amount in the first round and choose any random box. After that, no matter whether you win or lose, just see where the bomb was located in this round.

Now, start the second round and invest more money as the chances of winning increase.

In this round, simply select any four boxes in the opposite direction where the bombs were located in the previous round. And select the below or top two boxes.

With this trick, the chances of winning increase, as the randomly generated bombs will most likely be placed around the four boxes you chose.

Also, don’t forget to observe the location of bombs in each round and create your own pattern for better results.

You might lose a few times, but this tactic will definitely help you win the Minesweeper game in the long run.

Note: We shared tactics for the two most popular games on the Fiewin platform. But you should use the same techniques in other games too, and make your own strategies accordingly to increase your chances of winning.

Otherwise, you can master only these two games and increase your chances of winning.


Winning Fiewin App games is not impossible, and you can increase your chances of winning with the right strategy. Sometimes such tricks might not work, but if you stick to them, you will eventually see good results.

Also, try to find what works for you and always focus on creating your own strategy.

I hope this article will help you guide on how to win Fiewin games with some tricks. Good luck!

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